Transfer pricing

The call for global
transparency will
affect the Tax
position of
your enterprise,
therefore transfer
pricing becomes
more and more
important for
companies operating

The OECD here launched, among other things, the BEPS Plan (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting).
Through a focused approach, we offer you customized reports which are best suited to the management of your business. If you wish to have certainty in advance about the prices charged, we can guide this process with the IRS. We can also help you if you have a problem with the tax authorities on transfer pricing.


Financing companies

By making full use of international tax treaties, an international favourable financing structure can be set up. Through a total lower tax rate, you will have more financial space.


License activities and royalty companies / intellectual property

If you have developed intellectual property and licenses, you will be dealing with taxes immediately. For example, you can think of depreciation, the amount of license fees or the withheld tax on royalty payments from abroad. By setting up a proper structure, you can reduce the overall tax load. When you think about the corporate tax, think about the application of the innovation box. This is a regulation that provides a great reduced tax rate on benefits from self-generated intangible assets.