Every business owner, director and substantial interest holder (DGA), private property and other investor, or private individual in the Netherlands will be confronted with personal income tax at some point. Even private individuals, residing abroad, who have sources of income in the Netherlands may be confronted with Dutch personal income tax.

Even though personal income tax is a minor source of revenue at the national level, this tax causes headaches for many private individuals and business owners. VanLoman has the expertise to help you navigate these rules, leaving you free to do what you do best, with no worries.

Naturally, we at VanLoman can prepare your and your partner’s annual personal income tax returns. In addition, we have a wealth of experience on how to influence your tax burden. Minor details can lead to unexpected outcomes, meaning that certain sources of income are then reported in a different box. This may include tax advice regarding the now-complex homeownership rules [box 1], lending or capital flows between you and your B.V. [box 2], optimisation of your asset structure [box 3], or the use of business succession schemes in case of an inter vivos gift or upon death [box 1 or 2].

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