As an investor, you are interested in returns. You can positively influence these returns by choosing the correct tax route. VanLoman provides advice on all tax aspects that are relevant for high net worth individuals making investment decisions. Making optimum use of tax regulations and making the right choice will reduce your effective tax rate and therefore result in higher net returns.

We provide advice on the tax optimisation of your estate for a wide range of investors. VanLoman has in-depth tax knowledge. We use our expertise to benefit from the opportunities and possibilities offered by the tax system. In addition, we offer custom solutions that meet specific investment needs.

Allocation of assets

The difference between the taxation of business assets or private assets can be substantial for certain investments. The allocation of assets therefore merits particular attention in order to take the optimum decision in terms of taxes. We offer assistance in making this choice and outline the available alternatives.

Privacy structures

In view of the increasing amount of publicly accessible information on private assets, we can help you to ensure your privacy. With permission from the Dutch Tax Authorities we implement various types of structures to guarantee this privacy. Naturally, we always do so with a view to your optimum tax position.

Business assets and private assets

When providing advice in relation to your assets, we always consider your position as business owner, the possibilities of tax-friendly business succession, and your wishes concerning private property. VanLoman provides advice where businesses and private individuals intersect.

Estate planning

Assets are often transferred from generation to generation. Inheritance tax can greatly affect the value of your wealth. VanLoman provides advice how to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. The basic starting point is that it is best to strategise sooner rather than later.

Relationship with the Dutch Tax Authorities

The Dutch Tax Authorities has specialised teams who deal with high-wealth individuals (the ZVP team, meaning High-Wealth Individuals team). VanLoman negotiates and coordinates matters with this department to obtain certainty regarding your tax position.