In recent years, we seea shift from levying direct taxes to levying indirect taxes. The most commonly known type of indirect tax is Value Added Tax (VAT). The levy of such VAT affects every company. VAT plays an important role in every imaginable transaction, although this is often an afterthought when a transaction has already been negotiated.

Business owners are expected to control their VAT position. In this respect, they must keep a close eye on the rapidly succeeding national and international developments in laws and regulations, and these must be correctly implemented in their financial business systems and processes. VanLoman’s specialists are happy to contribute ideas and share our experiences to effectively solve or prevent problems in the context of VAT and to structure transactions in the best way possible.

Please find below a few subjects about which we offer advice daily:

  • National VAT advice
  • International commercial transactions
  • M&A (due diligence and structuring)
  • Real estate property transactions (VAT and Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT))
  • E-commerce; customer journey analyses, distance sales and EU-wide compliance
  • Digital services and the consequences for VAT and digitax
  • VAT returns and structuring EPR systems
  • Tailor-made VAT courses / training

VanLoman’s experts have  experience with indirect taxes in the broadest sense of the word. We not only advise our clients about VAT, but also about real estate transfer tax, insurance tax, gambling tax and waste collection levies. Our indirect tax experts have gained experience through working at renowned consultancy firms, the Dutch tax authorities and as in-house tax counsel.

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