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Guusje Mulders

Tax Manager

Guusje (1990) specialized in indirect taxes, within indirect taxes she has specialized in the field of real estate transactions. Her advisory work consists of assisting clients with VAT issues. On a daily basis, she advises clients, among others, on issues regarding the VAT group, intra-community supplies or cross-border services, the right to VAT on costs and whether or not an exemption applies and its consequences. In addition, Guusje also performs tax due diligence and advises clients on the VAT and real estate transfer tax aspects of property transactions, project development, solar park development and property restructurings. She also regularly works with notary firms, where she carefully and consciously attributes to both tax optimization of a transaction and formulation the correct provisions in the deeds and accompanied agreements.

In addition to her professional work, Guusje regularly gives professional presentations in the field of sales tax and transfer tax.

Guusje graduated from Tilburg University in 2015 with a Master’s degree in Fiscal Economics. During her studies, she specialized in Indirect Taxes. After her studies, she worked for several years as a general tax advisor, including at a niche firm specializing in real estate. During this period, she was introduced to all aspects of tax advice and discovered her passion for real estate transactions. In November 2019, Guusje joined VanLoman. In addition to her work, she completed a Post-Master Indirect Taxes at Erasmus University Rotterdam at the end of 2021.


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Real estate transfer tax

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Master Fiscal Economics Accent Indirect Taxes

NOB – track for specialists in Value Added Tax

Post Master Indirect Taxed

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Member of the Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs

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Guusje Mulders

Tax Manager
Guusje Mulders