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Have you built up capital / wealth and do you want control over how your wealth is distributed after you pass away? Your estate planning must be arranged properly to achieve this. Because your personal situation and your wishes can change continuously, it is important that you periodically check whether your estate planning is in line with your current wishes and expectations.

Estate planning has everything to do with the transfer of wealth to the next generation(s), while preventing as many (tax) barriers as possible. The transfer of assets can take place after death, in such case your will is relevant in determining how your wealth is transferred. You can however also pass on your assets to the next generation(s) during your lifetime as gifts. Whether and how you are married is also an important estate planning topic. In addition, estate planning also covers situations that deal with the possibility that at some point you will no longer be able to autonomously make financial and medical decisions. Through a living will you can keep control in your own hands by appointing your own confidential adviser.

In estate planning, all these themes are assessed in relation to each other. It is important that the relationship between the various subjects (marriage conditions, wills, living wills and medical certificates) is properly arranged and is therefore aligned with each other.

Thinking about estate planning is not always easy and the various documents are often perceived as complicated. Nevertheless, it is important to start estate planning well ahead of time to prevent uncertainty among surviving relatives and unnecessarily high inheritance tax. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind when you know that everything is well arranged. Thanks to our extensive experience with estate planning, we not only ensure that matters are properly arranged technically, but we also provide personal guidance throughout the process. We can assess your personal documents on the basis of your family law situation, financial position, wishes and objectives. Even if you have not yet drawn up any personal documents, we can of course advise you on your estate planning. We believe it is important to explain the various documents in understandable language, so that you also have a good feeling about your estate planning.

Quick scan estate planning

Would you like a quick scan estate planning? Please contact our estate planners Nicole (nicole.lennarts@vanloman.com) or Laurens Lor (laurens.lor@vanloman.com)

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