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Wendy van Ees

Tax Compliance

Within VanLoman, Wendy (1985) is mainly involved in preparing income and corporate tax returns.

In December 2021, Wendy joined Van Loman.

Wendy has 17 years of experience in the accountancy and tax advisory industry. She started in 2004 as a secretary at a regional accountancy and tax consultancy office. At the end of 2006 she transferred to another regional office where she specialized as a secretary of the tax department. In 2010, Wendy obtained her Practical Diploma in Tax Law (PDB), after which she fully focused on preparing income and corporate tax returns and the related activities (checking assessments, drafting objections, answering letters of questions). In 2018 Wendy followed a Masterclass in Tax Law.


Income tax

Corporate income tax





Executive secretary / Management assistant

Practical diploma Tax Law

Masterclass Tax Law

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Wendy van Ees

Tax Compliance