Helping you navigate the intricate world of tax declarations.

We offer compliance services to all kinds of tax to which a legal or natural person must meet. Here, we apply a four-eyes principle.



Corporation tax is a tax levied on the profits of legal persons established in the Netherlands or established under the Dutch law. Do you own private company (B.V.) or limited company (N.V.), then you need to do the corporate tax return each year for your company. In a corporate tax return to tax adjustments as the participation exemption, the innovation box and investment deduction can be applied. The participation exemption is intended to prevent double taxation by exempting profits from corporate participation, so that profits that are already taxed at a subsidiary will not be charged again to the mother company. Regarding the innovation, it may occur that when activities are innovative, profit from these activities may be housed in a corporate income tax return in a special rate box called the innovation box. Our tax advisors know exactly how to strengthen your fiscal position and we give you advice about your income tax return.



You pay income tax on your income. Often, you are also entitled to deductions and tax credits. If you are an entrepreneur for income tax, then you have to report the income tax for entrepreneurs. In your tax return your business profits are mentioned. As an entrepreneur, you may also be entitled to some tax deductions, like the deduction entrepreneurs, SME profit and investment. If you live outside the Netherlands, but with an income or assets in the Netherlands, then the regime for qualifying foreign taxation applies and you must do your tax return in the Netherlands. If you meet the conditions of this ruling, you are entitled to the same deductions, tax credits and the tax-free allowance as a resident of the Netherlands. We gladly provide tax advice regarding your income tax position and we set up tax returns for both companies and individuals.



If you have employees, you must reserve income tax and national insurance contributions and remit this to the tax authorities. You, as the employer are obligated to provide the income tax and employee insurance premiums electronically (usually monthly) at once: the so-called payroll tax return. On the payroll tax return you state how much income tax and premiums you pay. This amount must be paid immediately. The declaration is meant for all your employees at once, so you do not need to do this separately for each employee.

You can have your declaration taken care of by us, so that it is sent to the tax authorities on time and in the right way. We take into account matters such as public holidays and subsidies that are paid via the payroll tax return.



A proper salary administration can be difficult in practice and very time consuming. Moreover, all kinds of changes in premiums and collective agreements do not make it any easier. Your employees also expect an adequate state of affairs with regard to their salary and you should be able to answer various questions easily. The same of course applies in the event that the tax authorities (unexpectedly) come with certain questions concerning the related obligations regarding the salaries. In this context, we gladly help you with your salary so you can put more time and focus on the company.



As an entrepreneur you are constantly being confronted with several (inter)national developments in the field of Value Added Tax. Laws and regulations change all the time and a wide range of services are more and more offered on the internet. Of course every branch has its own features, complications and issues. Self-evident we can support you with this process by mapping your overall VAT-position, and then we can come up with an expert and innovative solution. At the same time discussing your situation can care for calculating the correct VAT and can make sure that you meet your legal obligation. Our advisors are willing to provide you with further information.



Dividend, or so called profit distributions, coming from Dutch companies are overall subdued to a rate of 15%. This 15% dividend tax will be deducted from the paid dividend and will directly be paid to the tax authorities. For a private shareholder it is possible to settle the already restrained dividend tax with the income tax. When the shareholder concerns a company, it can even be in some circumstances that the company which is paying dividend does not have to reserve dividend tax, but is exempt as a result of participation exemption. Therefore we can advise you in the matters of dividend tax and we can help you to achieve the best possible outcome.



The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) was introduced in March 2010 in the United States. It’s purpose is to minimalize the tax avoidance and evasion by US Tax persons. Since the introduction of FATCA, financial institutions, non-financial institutions and individuals are preparing themselves for the possible consequences of this American legislation. FATCA is aimed primarily at financial institutions, but also non-financial institutions may be affected by it. In this context among other banks, insurance companies and pension funds might ask you several questions. For more information or further assistance, you can always contact one of our advisors.

Helping you navigate the intricate world of tax declarations.


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