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We take the time to understand your business and collaborate with you to design and implement appropriate structural changes to optimise your tax model.


Investment funds

With an investment fund (such as mutual funds, private equity funds) many tax aspects play a role. Of interest is among other, a correct structuring of investment funds. One of the things that attention is paid to while designing the structure, is the legal form and location. In addition, attention can be paid to the optimal tax reward model of the fund managers.


Real estate

In the process of acquiring, managing and repelling of real estate, we can advise on important fiscal aspects. It needs to be considered to include a proper structure for prevention of transfer tax or VAT. Attention should also be paid to non-fiscal aspects such as financing or the way in which the best possible performance with the properties can be achieved.


Financial instruments

When attracting financing, various financial instruments are suitable. The fiscal consequences of the financial instruments are different. Prior to attracting funding, attention should be paid to these different fiscal consequences. This will avoid using a financial instrument with prejudicial tax consequences such as an interest deduction limitation.