Mergers & acquisitions

We help you
make the right
decisions for
the successful
of a merger
or acquisition.

For buyers and sellers it is important to make correct decisions in order to allow a merger or acquisition successfully. We guide you with our fiscal and financial expertise in the areas of due diligence, financing structures and acquisition structures. Also in the area of unbundling structures we can assist you.


Due diligence

To create a successful acquisition and prevent subsequent surprises, a thorough due diligence prior to the acquisition is of great importance. As a buyer, you cannot invoke unforeseen circumstances that are known later if you have not thoroughly completed a due diligence. As a seller, you can perform a vendor due diligence in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the sales process.


Financing structures

When attracting financing for the acquisition of companies, good tax planning in respect of the associated funding costs could lead to tax benefits. In international structures, it is of great importance that double taxation is avoided.


Acquisition structures

In many cases, tax laws are decisive in determining an acquisition structure. Immediate optimizing the tax situation prior to the acquisition is often imperative.



In the breakup of partners or discontinuation of cooperation taxation is in many cases the decisive factor to determine the route to follow. Sound advice is essential.