For buyers and sellers it is important to make correct decisions in order to allow a merger or acquisition successfully. We guide you with our fiscal and financial expertise in the areas of due diligence, financing structures and acquisition structures. Also in the area of unbundling structures we can assist you.


The call for global transparency will affect the Tax position of your enterprise. Transfer pricing becomes more and more important for companies operating internationally. The OECD here for launched, among other things, the BEPS Plan ( Base Erosion and Profit Shifting ).
Through a focused approach, we offer you customized reports which are best suited to the management of your business. If you wish to have certainty in advance about the prices charged, we can guide this process with the IRS. We can also help you if you have a problem with the tax authorities on transfer pricing.


Motivated employees are vital to your business. Through your personnel and payroll administration you can reward them in the best possible fiscal way. The administration plays an increasingly important role in today’s business. By properly setting up the administration you can contain financial risks. That contributes to the continuity and growth of your company. It is also important to remain constantly informed of developments in the field of payroll taxes.


We take the time to understand your business and collaborate with you to design and implement appropriate structural changes to optimise your tax model.


Helping you benefit from Netherlands based holding and financing activities within international structures.


By making use of the following tax arrangements, it is possible to realize significant cost savings. R&D wage tax allowances (WBSO) reduce production costs and the innovation box and the R & D deduction create a saving on tax. By combining these features it gives you more financial resources for innovation. Besides, it is a misconception that only companies in the High Tech industry are eligible for following regulations. Even everyday innovations that you do as an entrepreneur can qualify.


By being properly advised about all the possibilities you have, we can help yield significant benefits.


Despite the horizontal supervision which the tax authorities wish to implement with more and more entrepreneurs, you can still get into dispute with the tax authorities. Even as a private person, you can end up in a discussion with the tax authorities. The tax authorities have the necessary expertise in its organization, but this is bound by rules. Through our high level of knowledge of tax law combined with the knowledge of the rules, you have a great chance of a successful outcome. We can help you, among other, with: procedures for the Dutch court, Repentance ruling and book research.


We offer you expert advice, individually or as a business subject to the tax laws of different countries or the international aspects of an individual country’s tax laws.


We offer compliance services to all kinds of tax to which a legal or natural person must meet. Here, we apply a four-eyes principle.